Hose Tester

Hose Tester

Rapidly check delivery hose resistance. Intrinsically safe (AS 2380).

  • - Designed for safe use
  • - Easy to operate
  • - Measures true resistance
  • - Completely portable
  • - Built-in Calibration Check
  • - Battery Low Indication
  • - PETROL & DIESEL Resistant

Model number: #353

AUD $445.50

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This model #353 milliohm resistance tester is a major advance in hose testing. This ruggedised tester features a go/no-go indication, but its measurement is far more comprehensive than a simple continuity check.

Most modern hoses are marked by the manufacturer with their nominal resistance. The #353 Hosetester features a numerical dial. After setting the dial to this resistance, the Hosetester immediately indicates whether the hose passes or fails.

The #353 Hosetester complies with AS2380, making it safe to use. A built-in calibration check ensures the the instrument continues yo give correct indications throughout its lifetime. The test cable is fitted with easy-to-use crocodile clips and the complete cable assembly can be replaced.